Halloween Special ($5000+ in Bonuses)

It's that time of the year, the most spooky time of the year!

We’ve been hit by the Halloween spirit and we’re feeling like treating you with a sweet deal!

Here’s the candy: upon running our Sweepstakes offers (see them here) you’ll be automatically – that’s right, automatically! – eligible for our special Halloween bonus.

Contest Rules

The contest will run by these levels which are cumulative.

It’s really simple:

Level 1 - Generate $500, receive $50 bonus.
Level 2 - Generate $1000, receive $100 bonus.
Level 3 - Generate $1500, receive $150 bonus.
Level 4 - Generate $3000, receive $350 bonus.

If you reach level 2 you’ll get your Level 1 + Level 2 bonus - $50 + $100, and so on.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get some extra cash for your Halloween treats!

Need Traffic?

On top of the Sweepstakes contest, we're giving away a 10% promo code on Mobidea Push.

Use the promo code halloween20 and get 10% extra bonus, up to $5000.

Promo start date: October 30

Promo finish date: November 8, 23:59 GMT

Note: don't hesitate in asking for help via live chat.
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